Weber Consult

Consulting and Service for the Highest Efficiency in Slicing

Improve Your Yield: Weber Technology plus Weber Consult

Weber Consult is the ideal partner for Weber Slicing Technology. Our new consulting service provides you with support in optimizing the safety and efficiency of your production and logistics processes. This not only helps you to improve the performance of your Weber Slicer, but also your entire production line. Weber Consult provides recommendations on the processing of raw and cooked sausage, cheese, and bacon – from preparation and portioning of products to optimal use of the Slicer and perfect packaging.

Our expertise: your full advantage.
With Weber Consult you benefit from the unique experience and first-class knowledge of the leader in Slicing and Blade Technology.

We systematically determine how and where you can improve performance and sustainability in your production processes with measurable results.

Your Benefits:

  • Status-quo analysis of complete production lines and determination of optimization potential
  • Creation and presentation of improvement concepts
  • Support with precise and effective implementation
  • Employee training
  • Recommendations on the design of new systems and planning of investments


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